you got some, heh!!?

DUI: drank under influence 酒気帯び運転

classy: stylish センスのいい

subtle[satl]: a subtle difference, a subtle smile かすかな

Best of 5: battling up to s/o wins three times

jenerator: the person who clean up

polish a nob: polish on the top of the stick when u play shoot pool

crack it open: 何かを開けること お酒やBaked Soup等を・・・

Patron: one of expensive drinks

X-O: one of expensive drinks

pump it up: drink up

slam it: down it, drink it up

chicken out: heasitate to do s/th cuz of coward

rock your world: mess up your world

Cucu: crazy ,be クークー= be crazy

予想をあてる: i'll bet i kno you're thinking about it.

R u down for it (tonight)?: r u going?? 今夜の皆の計画に賛成?? お前も行くの的な感じのスラング。

Douche Bag: fluffer, Fan boy, gay

I am quite bushed: i m quite tired

bitch back: hoe back

hoes after bros: the person who always choose his girlfriend

bros before hoes: the person who consider about brothers, he even has a girlfriend, though...

Po po: police

No more(list)? に対するanswer ①Yes, it is more list
                        ② No, no more
Ho-mi: friend

オイラのイメージだとそうゆう風には・・: In my image, u don look like the person who messes up a room... , who says swearing...
もしくは、 u don look such type of guy who・・・・かな??

Pauser: faker うそっぽい 偽りだらけっぽい人のこと

Score two goals: insterd of... he succeeded to shoot two goals haha

really badly: despalately
ex: i wanna eat Macd's really badly

so bad: really, so much, a lot
ex: i wanna kick his ass so bad. たぶんこんな気がするw really badlyは確実ですがdespalatelyで。。 so badは忘れました^^

横入り: cut in front of s/o たぶん

追い抜く: leave s/o bihind

thong: T-backのこと

Suggy: old grama tits 垂れた乳のことw

schlong: coke

coke blocking: 誰かの狙ってる女を横取りする男のこと、もしくは「横取り」するアクションのこと。 まぁある男のイチモツをブロックして、自分がやる!!という感じのとこから来てる英語表現ですかね~。
たぶんこんな感じでDON’T do coke blocking. 俺の邪魔するなよ的に使う気がします

hanging on the rope: aite

a- bomb: atomic bomb

Ju: Juish(really bad races) Shut up, freaking Ju

Cut the bullshit: give me a break

by foursideproduct | 2008-07-28 07:00 | いかさまENG.のスープ

Kneel Down For Me!!!!! Lick My Blue Leather Boots!!!!!

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