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Sharing ideas and arguing ideas in Eng are pretty good stuff for me sometimes some black guy sent a message and i got a picture of his saying but still no idea about his words...
Even so we can "sharing opinions" and now i can even share Eng
words with him after all huhuhu
even not from black slang whenever i got message into my
YouTube blog....
i gotta check Urban dictionary all the time, ya u kno they won t
use school terms but SLANG ahahaha
3s connected me and with TO Doraemon, now with all the ppl from different country(><)/ in Youtube!!!
Having YouTube Blog and talk with tuns of different ppl is good
stuff, YO!!

Goody: sarcastic way of saying "oh good"
the person may be sometimes happy but most of times sarcastic

tick-throw: lk or lp -> throw

whore a thon = combination of 2 words, whore and athon is part of thed word, marathon.
Combined usually means a large group of ppl doin something that isnt really approved

GDLK SON: godlike son
Usually used online with gaming, The son reference is kinda dude or bro...
Black ppl use alot with "shit son"

Shawl: ショール マフラーはscarfでそれよりでかいやつはshawl

Divider: island 分離帯 maiden stripeとか辞書のは通じなかったのでこっちの方がいいっぽい・・・
他にも、Trible Trebleみたいの言ってたけど不確かなのでもう一回聞こう

Palm on the hand: IT S ME!!

Cost efficient: save the bugget

Time efficient: It is Wei ahahaha i like REDUNDANT LOL

Tint it: if they put color on the window of the car like darker, that
is "Tint It"

T-Bone: car accident style In china there is no safe place cuz they ll fuck u over by T-Bone anyway

Business COMPLEX: correct term to say Bunch of business
buildings instead of INDUSTRY PARK

rapid fire: shooting 5 pix in a second that s RAPID FIRE!!

GAS: SPEED IT UP i mean in the car

Spindle: bunch of Disks like DVD-R, that whole disks with stick

unlikely: impossible

calibrate: match and make it work

washbowl: 洗面台

verbal promise: speaking promise

blast: have a good time have a blast

adapt: get used to it

Steamer: ??? maybe he said steamer but i dunno it is ok to say Crackers instead...

detect: find it

develop: develop pictures. make pictures

defective: a problem on the baby

ornament: the stuff to decolate

Widely: ??? when he told me i could use his deodorant... i guess he said WIDELY
it means like as much as i wants

Wing It: flow as it goes

Tata: boombs

Merge: put together

Eye Candies: hot chiks

Windmill: 風車 even big or small, it s called Windmill

Waterwheel: 水車

Water mill水車小屋


AC: air conditioner

Carbo: carbohydrate

Click one s tongue: 舌打ち

Harsmar: Hasma (Harsmar, Hashima) is a Chinese dessert ingredient made from the dried fallopian tubes of true frogs, typically the Asiatic Grass Frog (Rana chensinensis). Hasma is often mistakenly described as toad or frog fat, since it is sometimes referred to as
"toad oil" だそうですw Wiki参照

Nood: Someone who should know what they are doing but ends up being dumber then a nood. Basically a person who is stupid, or
someone who stuffed up.

Stuffed Up: Often used in a phrase, "stuffed up" or "stuffin crazy," the word stuffed is used in place of the word Fuck. Therefore, it
can take the shape of a verb, noun, adjective, or any other part of

Noob: A noob or n00b is someone that lacks intellegance or
common sense, most people think that noob is a word used only in the online gaming world, but in reality it is becoming an ever
popular word with teenage society.

黒のクラコン渋い!!PSP PERSONA3いつやるやら・・w
by foursideproduct | 2010-03-11 13:59 | Aridity embryo

Kneel Down For Me!!!!! Lick My Blue Leather Boots!!!!!

by tassian



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