Talking with bro is the greatest gift

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year, it s coming so soon///

i had great things and bad this year...
Since i left Van, there so many things missing, like,,,
No word i can communicate,
No food i ever ate,
No friend i ve ever met,
No 3s ahahaha (GGPO s gonna help me later)
No arcade(i barelly go there anymore)
No comic book
No movie(i gotta download but freaking slow)
No book
No customize(clothes, no my Granma no customize huhuhu)
No one help Our Visa(actually there is Someone BUT!! the bottoms line is MESELF is the most trustable and I goota do it, otherwise No one does it)
No hope for Her Japanese Visa(Now i can finally see some tiny hope but still Who knos??!!)
No, no, no no Over hundreds times BUT Here is my Wife
I gotta dump some shit like above and i DO GAIN more than that...
Ppl doesn t like change, that s the way human does and So do i but not wanna , i gotta move on
This year will be end up with some achievement, and Re-realization of HER...

"Last Van s Eng. REVIEW"
Pay for Sunday: u did smashed on Sat. and now u gotta lay on the bed whole Sun. LOL it means u got rough

fits in: to try to join s/o 仲間になろうとする

knock over s/th:to rob s/th, to raid, a robbery

Hold up: rob

Spit back on s/o's face: 恩を仇で返す的な??感じでメモったのか謎・・・w忘れました。

abuse: 虐待する, abuser

Flipper: i guess a short term for Filipino

FOB: fresh off the boat, the person speaks Eng. like what the hell this guy talking about...

fresh air: 朝の新鮮な空気

bored: board ,same pronunciation

Picture board: which looks like made of Cork or some shit

button: not BO TA N

tar: 道路とかの舗装に使われるタール君 smells like burning tires

Form or head: the top of BEER

Saggy tits: granny tits, Nobody can t get a scrap with GRAVITY

Drawn: i feel drawn Vancouver for this view

Platter: an assorted plate

curiosity: i m into that

shed off: 水を弾くとかマジックを弾くとかたぶん言えそう
e.g. this thing sheds off water or marker

words of wisdom: nintelligent statements in general

Do you have a room for me: can u give me a ride??

Do u mind....?: is much politer

Can i ride with U: do u have a room for me? but NOT can i ride on U...
it means u wanna be fluffy

boo: the word to surprise s/o , and also Honey
My boo= My honey

regulate: control, restrict

the solstice of the winter or summer: 冬至、夏至

somehow or other: 曲がりなりにも・・・まさに今のモイラ(。-∀-)ニヒッ
e.g. Somehow or other, i survived in china for a year, so well i can speak some Contnz, Mandarin, Jan xi dialect...
ふぅ━(-д-;)━う...WELL DONE

at last...
Our wedding also coming soon right after New Year...
what about the next year?? more rough??
Hopefully we can go back to Japan together... anyway, anyhow, as long as i stay with her, all kinds things are gonna be aite///

by foursideproduct | 2009-12-28 17:20 | いかさまENG.のスープ

Kneel Down For Me!!!!! Lick My Blue Leather Boots!!!!!

by tassian



Aridity embryo
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